LSD 25 Liquid Solution


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15.5µg per mL (microdose), 30mL bottle, 31µg per mL, 30mL bottle, 62µg per mL, 30mL bottle, 100µg per mL, 30mL bottle, 250µg per mL, 30mL bottle

4 reviews for LSD 25 Liquid Solution

  1. Justin (verified owner)

    The wrapping, shipping, and communications were excellent.

  2. Harris Qureshi (verified owner)

    ONLY PLACE I BUY MJ! I literally only buy my medicine here, it’s got the best prices and the best selection.

  3. simon cloutier (verified owner)

    Amazing product at really competitive price, huge selection too, I highly recommend.

  4. Chris Mcdonell (verified owner)

    They are great quality.

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